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"Nancy is awesome and was very flexible dealing with me and my constantly changing requirements.  She really worked at understanding my real needs which evolved as I kept looking.  I ended up buying a standalone condo that I had previously dismissed because the picture was really poor.  Nancy urged me to look at it and I ended up buying something on the low end of my budget and I love it.  Eight minute commute doesn't hurt at all!"  Marc S.

Nancy is professional, efficient, funny, and just an all around great person.  Moving from New York City to Round Rock, TX. was truly becoming a nightmare.  My wife and I were stressed out and at the end of the line.  We even began to think about NOT moving and not taking the new and better job opportunities we both had.  Then we found Nancy. I would refer to Nancy as an Interstate Moving Specialist.  If you are moving to the Austin area from another state and need truly professional realtor to help you then stop looking and call Nancy.

Thank you for all you have done to help my family move to Texas!  This home has everything we wanted and more.  Professional.  Caring. Knowledgeable.  Gets things done on time with no BS excuses!"  Aaron P.

I have owned and sold more than half a dozens in my life so I speak with some experience when I say that Nancy is one of the best realtors with I've worked.  She is a no nonsense advocate for her clients, tells it like it is and fights for the most deal she can get.  She takes selling your or buying you a new home very personally.
We had our home on the market for less than two months and got about 95% of our asking price in a neighborhood where we competed with new homes trying to sell one that was several years old.  Following Nancy's advice we created a lovely like new living space that someone loved and bought very quickly.  Oh and by the way, when she is on your side, she is a lovely person and great fun to work this.
William S.

"Good work Nancy.  I will find sellers and buyers for years to come!"  Nick Kriese

"It is impossible to express how grateful we are to you for getting our daughter and her husband into their first house.  At every turn and obstacle, you handled it deftly.  Our daughter just kept saying, 'Nancy Rocks!'  You took the time to learn what our kids could afford and 
wanted, showing them options and gently advising them. When you spotted the perfect home, you told them exactly how to make the offer to get it.

Then you assembled a great Team, including Lisa Lewis, who did a wonderful job getting them a loan and was even at closing, 'just in case'. Also, Karen Williams at North American Title was super.  Everything was ready when we got there and right the first time.  This is the only closing we have been at where it all went so smoothly.  We will remember it as a happy occasion, with us all taking pictures together, laughing and smiling.

There is only one Real Estate Agent with which we would ever want to work.  There is only one we continue to recommend to everyone we know, because 'Nancy Rocks!'  Thank you again, from the bottom of our hearts."  Bill Driesslein

"After experiencing the unexpected loss of my mother-in-law over Easter weekend, my husband & I found ourselves in need of selling my father-in-law's home in Round Rock.  We were left with a very heavy load as we lived out of town in Plano, TX. and had never sold a home before.  Nancy helped us determine what updates needed to be done so the house would move quickly and still get top dollar.  This was most important to us as we needed the sale of the home to help pay for my father-in-law's assisted living expenses.  Nancy was very professional to work with, promptly responded to all of our messages, and did a fabulous job negotiating the sale of the house.  Overall, I would have to say I was most impressed with her character.  She patiently listened to my father-in-law tell stories about his late wife and was very sensitive when presenting all the paperwork he needed to complete.  She also went above and beyond by helping tear down a rubbermaid shed in the backyard when we were unable to get someone over to the house to take care of it last minute.  For all these reasons and more, I would highly recommend Nancy to anyone seeking a realtor in the Austin/Round Rock are."   Ashley Wolfe

"Nancy Moore has been a big help when selling and buying for me and my wife over the past 3 years.  She works hard to get the most out of the home and she has a knack for understanding what we are looking for in a home.  We have bought and sold 4 homes with her and we are working on buying another one at the present.

Nancy understands the areas and school districts very well and that is certainly a plus when working with a realtor for us.  In the past I have dealt with other realtors on home sales/buys, but have never gone back to the same realtor as they always seem to forget about you as soon as the sale is over.  Nancy has always followed up with us after the sale of the home and helped us with any questions and warranty issues related to the home.  I would strongly recommend her as a realtor is you wish to sell or buy a home in the Round Rock/Austin area."
John and Julie Stephens

"THANK YOU! You have been awesome!!!!!! I am passing your name on to others in the Austin area that may be selling or buying in the next year."  D. Hoffman

"Tenacious, hardworker, stays client focused, went to bat for us."   Jay and Maryann Rohde

"I could always rely on Nancy, hard worker, excellent work ethic, client care and professionalism".   Melissa White

"Deal making is the best quality of an agent.  Nancy has that quality!"  Ling Chung

"Thanks again for your help, you made a process less stressful for me."  Tom Boydston

"We will definitely let friends know who to go to if they are looking to buy/sell a home."  Eric C.

"Thanks for the extra help. You are certainly going above and beyond the scope of your role and I want you to know that I recognize that and that I appreciate it."  Paul U.

"I wanted an agent who was available 24/7 to answer any needs that arise and works on holidays and weekend when most Realtors won't.  Nancy fit the bill!   Nancy was a negotiator extraordinaire and we were able to put a fully negotiated contract into title on the same week of the listing."  Georgia Flynn

"Nancy's effort involved and enthusiasm stands out in my mind.  Excellent knowledge of her profession and willing to make the extra effort for your client."   Alan Cothren

"Nancy was absolutely fabulous from day one to the closing."  Amanda Conway

"Nancy 'held our hand' through the process."   Gail and Jeff Metz

"Communication was excellent."    Dennis and Phyllis Joiner

"Very professional, knowledgeable and nice to work with."   B. Hazard

"Nancy made us feel at ease through the whole transaction.  I felt she had our interest in mind.  Very professional, caring, honest, ethical and an overall good person."   Richard and Kimberly Schirpik

"We liked Nancy's professional manner.  She seemed to be well prepard and provided us with a good plan for selling our house."
​ G. Clausen

"Realtors are like Chinese restaurants - they're everywhere, but most of them are lousy and good ones are nearly impossible to find.  Whether you're moving across town or across the country, it's hard  to imagine a more talented, personable or dedicated champion of your property.  Don't waste your time shopping around;  Nancy Moore is the real deal!"  Cody Pinks

"When I decided to sell my house, I was considering several Realtors.  I ended up calling Nancy.  Working with Nancy was great.

I had lived in the Cat Hollow area since 1992 and knew the positives of the neighborhood.  I wanted a Realtor that really knew those neighborhood positives.  Since Nancy moved to Round Rock, she consistently focused on the Cat Hollow area and I always looked forward to getting the updates she left at the door on how the neighborhood sales were going.  I never really thought about selling my house, but was always interested in the value my house might have.

Nancy and I agreed not to list the house until we both thought the house was ready.  She had local resources available that I used to help get my house ready to sell.  I wish I had that list of resources years before.  Anyway, Nancy knew her stuff.  I finally got the house ready to list.  Nancy posted it on the MLS one afternoon.  By the afternoon of the fourth day, we had a negotiated contract.  I never knew it would go so smoothly.  If I hadn't chosen Nancy; if I hadn't listened to her - my house would probably still be on the market.  

I would recommend Nancy to anyone.  She will listen to you, but listening to her will benefit you as well."  Mary Haylor

"When I met with you, I thought you were honest, enthusiastic, energetic, and competent.  I knew you would put in the effort necessary to sell my house.  You did a great job, took care of my house, and were very professional.  What stands out the most is your tenacity - you never gave up!"   George Martin

"I remember when you sold the Barde's house and  I saw your name on many signs in the neighborhood.  I told myself when we sell our house 'I'm getting her'.  You were honest, dependable, and very professional, but personable, too.  Our experience was great!" 
Jenny and Quinn McIntire

"Fantastic - thank you again so very much for all you did for us!"   Steve and Lori Bawek

"From the beginning, I felt that Nancy was totally committed to the sale of my house.  I wasn't just another client, I was a specific person, a new challenge.  We worked together on the asking price and she helped with ideas  on staging the house. She gave me great advice and moral support while we waited for the sale.  I couldn't have done it without her."  Jeanne Blanchard

"To anyone interested in hiring a very professional realtor for help in either selling or buying a home:   My friend was attempting to move to Texas for medical reasons and to be near some family.  I asked Nancy for assistance.  The buyer had a price range and a list of things he needed in a home.  Nancy took my husband and I around to preview homes for our friend and we found one that we thought would work except that it was a "for sale by owner".  Nancy quickly assessed that this home had all the best features that the buyer needed, location, community, proximity to medical facilities, proximity to daily services, wide doorways and wheelchair accessible rooms including a walk-in shower.  All of this was located in a 55 and over community with lots of nice people.  Nancy formed a contract relationship with the sellers and we were able to preview the house.  It was perfect.  Nancy helped to successfully sheperd a difficult negotiation on a contract with the sellers and the problem was solved.  Our friend bought the home through our eyes and with Nancy's able assistance.  We were very very pleased at the efficiency of the process and the professional manner that prevailed throughout.  We highly recommend Nancy when you have a difficult situation or just want a wonderful new home."   Bobbi Kenney

"Nancy Moore is the best Realtor that we've ever used.  She actually cares about her clients' well being, she is very knowledgeable about the market, and will work with you every step of the way.  Nancy isn't just a Realtor, by the end of the process she is a cherished friend.  She introduces you to a whole network of people that you can rely on to ensure that the buying and selling process us easy for everyone. Nancy returns your phone calls promptly and will listen and take care of everything you need.  We have recommended her to our family and friends if they want to buy or sell a home."   David and Chrissy Starnes


"You were knowledgable and creative in how to get our house more visible.  You're an upstanding and professional lady!"  Debi and
Donn Turner


"What stood out most was the speed with which you conducted the sale.  We were both impressed with your professional conduct."  
Kirun and Norma Chakrabarty

"To me, deal making is the best quality of an agent.  You have that quality!"  Amy Zhou



"Knowledge of local market", "Bring clients to the seller","Great impression''     Chad Starwalt

Susan rated Nancy a Perfect 10 for "Resolutions of Problems", "Communication", "Knowledge of Real Estate", and "Attention to Special Needs".  In addition, she said "My appreciation and gratefulness to Nancy for 100% effort and professional".  Susan Romo

"Your ability to find deals in the district I needed stands out.  I have a very high impression of you as a Realtor, and we will definitely do business in the future!"  Matt Turner


 "Best Realtor we have ever had!  Total of 12!"  Joseph Wisell

"You found us a GREAT house on the greenbelt!  We love you!"   Matt and Peggy Grow

"Nancy Moore, our Realtor, crowned us the King and Queen of our new castle the day we bought our house. She rocks!"

Wynette and Bill Espinosa
"One heck of a job on your part!  You went way above and beyond the call of duty with us.  Thank you for your tremendous patience as well as considering all the special requests we threw your way.  Thanks again for everything!"
   Dave and Wanda Schafer
"Nancy - You've been over the top awesome with this transaction.  You've been great to work with, less than 2 weeks 'SOLD'!  Awesomeness!"  Terry Marks

​"Thank you very much for all of the help and time you spent with us on this! It has made the whole process so much easier knowing that you are managing it. There is not another person in the world that we would trust as much as you for this. We know that when it comes time to sell our current home, there is no one else but you to manage it as well!! Thanks you so much!"    Ken & Darlene


"Nancy was by far the best realtor I have worked with.  I worked with her to both sell my old house and purchase my current house.  Not only was she knowledgeable of the Round Rock market, extremely responsive and very flexible (critical for me as I have a hectic job), but she was personable and just fun to work with.  Nancy also has the support of an equally great team, which made the whole process seamless.  Buying and selling can be stressful, but I never felt that working with Nancy.  She was amazing, and in the end, not only did I end up with a house perfect for me but also with a great friend."   Courtney Marks


"We last did a home sale about 18 years ago and the experience left a lot to be desired.  For our recent home sale we interviewed several good realtors and chose Nancy.  We had a long lead time until we put our house on the market as some updating was needed.  Nancy was very helpful the whole time, offering tips for updates, contractor contacts, keeping us informed of market developments, etc.  She is very friendly and easy to work with, along with a great sense of humor.  The experience with Nancy was great, and we sold our home after only a couple of days on the market, receiving multiple good offers.  Thank you Nancy!"  Mike and Kim Foster


Our experience with Nancy WAS five star "As good as it gets"!  Nancy sold our son and DIL's house (first home sell) in record time and took such good care of them while doing it, that we decided to use her when we sold ours.  She had great tips for us, the flyer was so gorgeous that we almost didn't want to sell, she negotiated a full priced offer and walked us through the maze of home selling.  She is very professional, friendly and knowledgable about the area and made us feel like ours was the only home she had.  Great job!  Thank you Nancy!  We HIGHLY recommend Nancy Moore at MooreDreamHomes!   Deb Coker Vick

"We talked with several realtors and Nancy impressed us with her knowledge of the Round Rock area and the market trends.  We were under the gun and on a tight time line and she came through for us.  She kept us well informed throughout the process and gave us very good feedback to the showings.  She help two open houses and sold it the day after the second open house.  We truly thought Nancy was looking out for best interests and did a great job throughout the entire process. We have dealt with several realtors throughout our life and Nancy was above them all.  If we ever move back to Austin, Nancy will be the one we call."   John L.


"Nancy was so helpful and professional in selling our old home and purchasing our new home.  Her guidance was candid yet thoughtful and true.  When we needed some help finding people to fix some things on our house for sale, she was able to provide us with reliable and quality professionals.  At every step of the process, she gave us important details, sound advice, and alternative ideas.  She is a fantastic person to work with because she is kind and fun.  We sincerely felt we were her priority in ever step through the process.  You can't go wrong if you use Moore Dream Homes!"  Kellie and James F.

"Nancy was AMAZING!  She sold our house in record time and constantly kept us in the loop about everything.  She was very kind and professional and went out of her way to make sure everything was perfect.  Thank you so much Nancy!!"  Kayleigh and
Heath Freppon

"Nancy assisted my wife & I with the purchase of our home which closed in mid September.  Nancy helped us find it, negotiated the deal with the Seller, and walked us through everything from appraisals to termite  inspections, and fielding various challenges that came up along the way.  
My with and I are both self-employed professionals so we feel qualified to say Nancy is a consummate Real Estate professional that you can trust to truly have your back.  
Thanks, Nancy, for anticipating challenges before they occurred and for taking such good care of us.   Perry and Rhonda

"Nancy,  Thank you so much for all your work.  You made this long distance process much smoother than expected.   J. Ferretti 

"Thank you so much for all your help through this process, we definitely wouldn't have wanted to purchase our first home with anyone else. Closing went SO smoothly.  We love our house!  You and all your recommendations have been amazing.  Thank you so much for everything!"  Laurel & Tim H.

"Nancy - Did I forget to say - THANK YOU? - You are awesome!!!!!!  I am passing your name to others in the Austin area that may be selling or buying in the next year.

Nancy has been an outstanding, customer oriented real estate agent for us in this difficult market. Her honesty and integrity ruled every bit of every transaction.  She was responsive to every email and phone call and was usually one step ahead of our needs.  Her assistance and sage advise continued right up to and even after we closed on the sale if our home in East Austin.

It was a pleasure doing business with her and I would strongly recommend her services to anyone buying or selling a home in the great Austin, TX  area!"  Drew H.

"I recently had a long-time client pass away, and the surviving spouse had to sell their home.  The only person I would trust to handle them was Nancy Moore, and she did not let me down.  She met with the client and family, gracefully recommended some upgrades to their home to prepare it for sale, and stayed with through the whole process.

Nancy is a kind, compassionate professional who made my valued client and family feel comfortable throughout the process, and they were very pleased with the outcome.   Thank you, Nancy!"   Kent Brenneman

"There's a reason why Nancy's reviews are so similar. She's great. Consistently great. Not sure what else you're looking for. Nancy was patient, sensitive and savvy. Not to mention tough when it called for it.   I consider Nancy a good friend."  Ben Cecil


"I would recommend Nancy to anyone buying and/or selling real estate. Nancy has many years of experience and is an expert in the field of real estate. I met Nancy when joining a group of business professionals (BNI) which Nancy has been a member of for five years. Nancy's has an impeccable reputation among these business professionals and it was immediately apparent she has worked hard to build that reputation. Nancy has integrity and the desire to make your real estate experience both positive and pleasant."
Jan S


Professional negotiation skills are necessary for all real estate agents
 in helping home buyers and sellers, especially in the current market.

Nancy Moore from Keller Williams Realty in Round Rock has been awarded the Certified Negotiation Expert (CNE) designation from the Real Estate Negotiation Institute (RENI). The CNE is earned by real estate professionals after successfully completing formal negotiation training over two days. Agents who receive this certification are among the top agents in the country in negotiation skills.

With professional negotiation skills, agents are able to help clients obtain better results in the sale or purchase of their home. CNE agents have a higher skill level which enables them to 1) communicate more effectively to uncover desired information, 2) help clients understand their options, 3) work collaboratively with others, and 4) resolve deadlocks. CNE agents have a thorough understanding of how to negotiate effectively to help achieve their client’s goals.

The Real Estate Negotiation Institute is the leading negotiation training and coaching company in the real estate industry. Collectively, the Real Estate Negotiation Institute’s instructors have over 300 years of real estate and negotiation experience. Tom Hayman, the CEO and Co-Founder of the Real Estate Negotiation Institute, asserts: “Any Buyer or Seller who hires a CNE agent can feel confident they have one of the best trained negotiators in real estate. They should achieve superior results and have better resolution of all issues when represented by a CNE agent.”

Thomas A. Hayman, CEO
Real Estate Negotiation Institute

Lucky for us Nancy was referred to us through the sales person installing our carpet.  Nancy was quick to answer the phone and worked with us while we fixed up our home to sell it.  Nancy never pressured us to sell our house until we were ready and worked with us to sell it at the best time possible.  She answered any questions we had while updated our house and ended up selling our house in a matter of days.  The brochures and the video that Nancy produced made our house hard for buyer's to resist :]   After selling our house, we decided to buy a town home that was being built.  We have been working with Nancy for 5 months now and the whole time she has been very professional and gets things done in a  timely manner [which is amazing considering all the chaos involved in selling and buying a home].  She has pressured the builder into doing what is right and was able to get some things changed when the builder was reluctant. We have felt like Nancy is truly looking out for our interests [rather than her's] whether buying or selling and I feel that is hard to come by these days.  We would recommend Nancy to anyone looking to purchase or sell their home.  Give her a call you won't be disappointed.      Carmen C
Officially became a home owner today!  Big thank you to Nancy Moore and Nick Pronsky for making this purchase such a smooth and easy process.  I would highly recommend both of them to anyone who is considering purchasing a home.  Thanks again for all your hard work.   Z. Balod

Bill and I were very impressed and pleased with your ability to get Anne's house listed and sold, not only in such a short time, but with an outstanding offer and closing deal as well Nancy!  We can't thank you enough for all your time and effort and will definitely recommend you to friends needing a top notch realtor.  As Bill said, this was about the easiest deal we've ever been through and your professional really worked its magic!  LOVED IT ALL!  Barb & Bill
Edith and I want to express our appreciation for the Excellent Job you did on Marketing and Sale of our home.
Without your excellent approach we don't believe the sale would have been nearly as quick. We had anticipated it taking up to six or more months for a sale. Again thanks for your Excellent Professional Approach to the task.

Dale & Edith Griffith

Today we officially closed on the sale of our house. Thank you Nancy Moore for being so amazing and taking us through this crazy transition. That was the smoothest sales process ever!!! 
​Melissa and Asah Moore