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 June 4   Austin is the No. 1 U.S. city for Startup Activity in the latest annual Kauffman Index.
 Kauffman Foundation

 June 4   Austin is one of the Most Business-Friendly Cities in the U.S., ranking 14th among the 100 most  populous metros.

 June 2   Austin is 14th on Best Places for STEM Grads ranking of 354 U.S. metros.

 June 2   Austin is one of the top 10 metros in the 2015 Clean Tech Leadership Index.
 Clean Edge

 May 21   San Marcos and Georgetown are the fastest growing cities in U.S. with population of 50,000+ and  Austin is the fastest growing large city (population of 250,000+) based on 2013-2014 growth.
 U.S. Census Bureau

 May 19   Austin is No. 4 on Best Cities for Jobs ranking of markets for hiring opportunities, affordability and  job satisfaction.

 May 13   Austin named the 20th Most Diverse City in America in study of the 230 most populous cities.

 May 7    Texas is the Best State for Business.
 Chief Executive

 May 6    Austin is the 4th Best City to Work for a Small Business.

 May 1    Texas is No. 3 on ranking of the Top 10 Most Competitive States of 2014.
 Site Selection

 April 29   Austin—along with Berlin, Mexico City, Mumbai and Seoul—is singled out as a forward looking  “Future City" Driving Growth through the Creative Economy.
 Economist Intelligence Unit

 April 23   Austin is the 6th Most Attractive North American Metro for Real Estate Investment.

April 15   Texas receives top grade on Innovation Scorecard's ranking of Where American Pro-Innovation Policy Thrives. 
Consumer Electronics Association

April 14   Austin is America's Greatest Music City.

April 14   Austin added the Most Tech Jobs over the last 10 years.

April 13   Austin is No. 4 in fDi Markets' ranking of Large American Cities of the Future.
fDi Markets

April 2    Two Austin schools make list of the 50 Smartest Public High Schools in the U.S.: Westlake High School is No. 4 and Liberal Arts & Science Academy is No. 9.
Business Insider

March 26    Austin ranks 3rd fastest growing metro in the nation.
U.S. Census Bureau

February 19    Austin is one of 7 Cities Becoming Film Hotspots.

February 14   Austin is the best performing city in analysis of 11 global cities with strong tech clusters.
Wall St. Journal

February 13   Among large metros, Austin has the largest percentage of its workforce in the city center and has seen the greatest growth in city center employment.

February 12   Austin will be the 6th Best Cities for Job Seekers in 2015.

February 5    Austin is 6th Best Labor Market in the U.S. for job seekers in ranking of 150 metro areas.

February 4    Austin is 9th on ranking of the Top Commercial Real Estate Markets in the country.
Coldwell Banker Commerical

February 3    Round Rock is No. 1 on Best Affordable Places for Families to Live list.

February 3    Austin is in the top 10 for advanced industries as a percent of total output and for advanced industries output growth and job growth.
Brookings Institution

January 30    Austin ranked 9th on Forbes' list of U.S. Cities Where Hispanics Are Doing the Best Economically.

January 27    Austin ranked 2nd on Forbes' annual list of America’s Fastest-Growing Cities.

January 22    Austin ranks No. 1 in the U.S. and No. 38 globally for 2013-2014 Economic Performance.
Brookings Institution

January 15    Austin is 11th on ranking of Cities Where African-Americans are Doing the Best Economically.

January 14    Austin is one of the 14 Best Startup Cities in America.
Popular Mechanics

January 14    Austin is the No. 2 city in the nation for STEM jobs.

January 12    Austin singled out as one of 5 Cities Poised to be the Next Silicon Valley Tech Hub.

January 8     Austin is the No. 2 Best-Performing City in annual assessment of Where America’s Jobs are Created and Sustained.
Milken Institute

January 5    Austin is one of 6 cities to watch in 2015 according to city-celebrating, smart-growth-focused Urbanful.

July 29   Austin is No. 4 on Top 10 Cities for Creatives ranking based on concentration of creative workers and affordability.

July 29  Austin is on global list of 15 Airports You'll Actually Want to Have a Long Layover In.
Business Insider

July 15  Travis County has the 2nd fastest growing financial services sector in the nation.

June 30  Texas offers one of the 3 Most Competitive Corporate Tax Environments.
Bloomberg BNA
November 25   Austin has the second-most stable housing market in the U.S.

November 11   Austin ranks 9th on America's Best Cities for Veterans ranking.

October 28      Austin is one of North America’s top 5 Most Competitive Cities for the electronics and energy industries.
Conway Data

October 26      The City of Austin is No. 5 on EPA ranking of the largest Local Government Green Power Users.
U.S. Environmental Protection Agency

October 21      Austin is one of the Top 10 Places for Black Entrepreneurs to Find Success.

October 12      Austin ranks No. 5 in Conde Nast Travler's annual Friendliest Cites list.
Conde Nast Traveler

October 7        Austin is No. 2 on ULI's ranking of U.S. markets' Overall Real Estate Prospects. 
Urban Land Institute

October 6        The University of Texas at Austin is 46th on The Times Higher Education World University Rankings 2015-2016 list the 800 best global universities.
The Times Higher Education

October 6        Austin tops ranking of metropolitan areas for population growth attributable to migration.

October 5        Austin has the best across-the-board showing in Business Facilities' annual Metro Rankings Report.
Business Facilities

October 5        Austin singled out as one of 4 U.S. Regions Quickly Becoming Major Tech Hubs.

September 29   Austin ranks as the Fastest Growing Large City Economy since the Great Recession. 

September 15   Austin ranks 3rd among U.S. Cities for Foreign Direct Investment Job Creation. 
IBM Plant Location International

September 2     Austin's Travis County is the U.S. County Attracting the Most Newcomers in 2013. 
Headlight Data

August 28         Austin's regional transit system, CapMetro, has been recognized for delivering one of 8 Genius Public Transportation Innovations for Happier Commutes.

August 27         Austin's housing market ranked the healthiest among large cities with over 300,000 residents.

August 10         Austin has one of the Highest Startup Densities in the Nation.

August 4           Austin is 2015's Best Large City to Live In.

July 30              Texas has the nation's Best Business Climate.
Business Facilities

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April 4   San Marcos is one of the 25 Best Places to Retire.

March 28   Austin is No. 8 on Best Cities for Recent Grads list.

March 17   Austin has the 4th largest share of creative economy jobs among U.S. metros. 

March 8   Austin is America's Fastest-Growing City

March 4   Austin is No. 6 on list of the 200 Most Educated Cities in America.

March 2   Austin is No. 2 on U.S. News' Best Places to Live ranking.
U.S. News & World Report

March 1   Austin is ranked No. 2 in the U.S. for retail real estate investment prospects.
Marcus & Millichap

January 29   Austin is the Best City for Young Families in 2016.

January 27   Austin ranks 11th for Venture Capital Investment in 2015.
National Venture Capital Association

January 26   Austin is 13th on global ranking of metros based on Venture Capital Investment and, on a per capita basis, Austin ranks 6th.
Martin Prosperity Institute

January 26   Austin is the 2nd Best Metro for STEM Professionals in 2016.

January 20   Austin is the 3rd Best Place to Live and Work as a Moviemaker in 2016.

January 20   Austin is the 20th Fittest City in the U.S. and the Fittest City in Texas.
ACSM American Fitness Index

January 19   Austin ranks as the fifth Most Future-Ready City.
Dell Future Ready Economics

January 14   Austin tops "America's Cities of the Future" ranking of cities most likely to prosper over the next decade.

January 4    Austin ranks as the 3rd Best City to Find a Job in 2016.

April 6   Austin is one of America's Top 20 Solar Cities.
Environment America

April 29   Austin is the Best Place for Small Business in the U.S.
Business Journals

May 9   Texas is the Best State for Business - for the 12th year in a row.
Chief Executive

May 10  Austin is Number 6 on the Best Cities for Jobs 2016 lost.

May 15   Texas & North Caroline tie for the Site Selections annual "Prosperity Cup" index of corporate project
activity and business climate attractiveness.
Site Selection

May 17  Austin is one of the top metros in the U.S. Clean Tech Leadership Index.
Clean Edge

May 17   Austin is the 3rd Best City to start a Career.

May 18   Austin is the 6th on Glassdoor's Best Cities for job ranking.

May 23   Austin is one of the 'top 20 Metro Areas for Graduates in Financial Services.
Site Selection Group

May 24   Austin is No. 6 in "Innovation That Matters" ranking of the Top Startup Hubs Positioned to Lead the
Digital Economy.
U.S. Chamber of Commerce Foundation

June 2   Austin is No. 2 on the Kauffman Index of Growth Entrepreneurship.

June 2  Austin is No.1 for STEM Job Growth.

July 1   Austin is the No. 1 city for Tech Starts-Up